50 Question GA Wastewater Collection System Operator Practice Exam
50 Questions
90 Minutes

This 50 question exam is to help determine preparedness for the GA Wastewater Collection System Operator Certification Exam. The questions that you are about to see are not test questions from the actual certification exam. However, they do evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the same material. It is important to remember that you are not only memorizing the answers to questions. Instead, try to evaluate what information you know versus what you are getting wrong. Use this evaluation to guide your study time leading up to the actual certification exam. 

Unlike the real certification exam, you will be shown the correct answer as soon as you click next. You will not be able to scan through the exam or jump from one question to another. Also, you will not be able to print or copy the items from the quiz. 

Once the exam starts, you will have 90 minutes to complete it. Ideally, you should take this exam in one sitting. However, you can stop the exam and pick up where you left off, should the need arise. In order to come back to the exam that you have saved, be sure to enter your correct email address when you start the exam. 
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