Do You Have What It Takes?
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Many people desire a better life but few will make the commitment required to get what it is that they really want. Like it or not most people settle! They don't go for the gold, they pursue what they think they are sure to get! They go for what seems "realistic". Fear of failure causes us to wave the towel (and to fail) without ever even giving it an honest try. Whether it's a desire to make more money, improve your relationship(s), give up drinking, or finally have the body you've always wanted, etc., change requires very specific criteria and especially just the right amount of motivation!

Most people find change just too challenging to go the distance! Are you one of those people, or the few among us that have what it takes?

Find out where your motivation really is and how close (or far) you are to making the change(s) you desire a reality. 

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