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Atomic Quizzes & Trivia

Questions and Answers
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    How many neutrons does Boron have?

    Remember to round your atomic mass (10.811) and then subtract the atomic number (5).

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    How many protons does Selenium have?

    The atomic number is the same as the number of protons.

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    What is the atomic mass of Bromine?

    The atomic mass of an element represents the average mass of all the isotopes of that element, taking into account their abundance. In the case of Bromine, the atomic mass is 79.904. This means that the average mass of all the isotopes of Bromine is approximately 79.904 atomic mass units (amu). It is important to note that the atomic mass can be found on the periodic table and is useful in various calculations, such as determining the molar mass of a compound.

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    What does the number 2 represent on the atom?

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    Correct Answer
    C. Electron
    The number 2 represents the electron on the atom. Electrons are negatively charged particles that orbit around the nucleus of an atom. They are responsible for the chemical behavior of an atom and determine its reactivity and bonding capabilities. The number 2 suggests that there are two electrons associated with the atom in question.

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