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Microbial Diseases of the Skin & wounds.

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    What is the microbial disease that is gram + coccus, catalase +, and its bacteria can survive a long time on surfaces.It can become MRSA or VRSA s/s pus & desquamination.
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    This microbial disease is gram + coccus and catalas -. It does not survive well in the environment. Spreads very fast. What is it?
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    Gram positive bacillus, causes Acne because it grows on sebum from sebaceous glands. Vit A is reduces subum production, unfortunately vit A is very dangerous, what microbial disease is this?
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    This microbial disease is gram - bacillus & produces a blue-green pigment and fruity odor. Often is seen in severe burns. Dangerous nosocomial pathogen
  • 5. 
    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, obligate intracellular parasite. Spread via dog tick. Damages blood vessels.
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    Gram + endospore-forming bacillus. Anthrax. Cutaneous through break in skin. Red-Flag for bioterrorism, what is it?
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    Gram + endospore-forming bacillus. Gas gangrene. Gas in soft tissure supports the dix. Grows in anaerobic dead tissue and toxins living tissue boardering it. This is ?