Mahatma Gandhi Quiz

25 Questions
10 Minutes

To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of  Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most influential figures all over the world we are pleased to present the  Mahatma Gandhi Quiz!

Each quiz is unique and comprises of a different set of 25 Objective Type Multiple-Choice questions on Mahatma Gandhi, his life and philosophy. Explanations to the correct answers are provided wherever required to enlighten the quiz takers. 

This Quiz is designed to test the knowledge of quiz takers on various aspects of the life, principles, and contributions of Mahatma Gandhi not only to India’s Freedom Struggle but also to the World peace at large. This Quiz would also assist the quiz takers while they participate in Television Quizzes, Game Shows or Competitive Examinations such as the Civil Services' Examination.

This is a timed quiz. Get instant scores. Play as many times as you like.

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