Listing! A MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+ Quiz
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Welcome to the quiz on Listing here in MyTimeDesign 1.1.Plus+.  Doing this quiz will give you a quick snapshot of your current skill level in this particular fundamental.

Listing is easy to understand - it's all about making lists of different kinds.  The first upgrade that most people make in their time management is to move from using their memories to using a list. Unfortunately, it's a skill that works well up to a point.  There comes a time in many professionals' lives when they receive too many time demands for their lists to handle, and they must upgrade their skills once again.

Once you have completed this quiz, feel free to come back to take it again after some time to see if you have improved.  Also, when you take all the quizzes, you may be able to see which practices need immediate attention.

Finally, once you're done, click on the buttons below the test results to share the results with your social network, letting them know that are serious about making some changes!


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