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Listening Section

Listening Section In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section, with special directions for each part. Part I Questions 1 to 3 Directions: In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues spoken in English. The dialogue will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test sheet, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you hear a dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample question. You will hear: Man : How is the meal?

Questions and Answers
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    Soal no. 1 s.d. 3
  • 2. 
    Soal no. 4 s.d. 8
  • 3. 
    Soal no. 9 s.d. 11
  • 4. 
    Soal no. 12 s.d. 15
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    This is the end of the listening section