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KS3 Revision Practice Science Part 1... Biology

3 Questions
Biology Quizzes & Trivia

This covers. . . Life processes and cells plant and human organ systems nutrition and food tests the digestive system heart of the matter blood and circulatory system skeleton,muscles and joints the lungs and breathing adolescence and the menstrual cycle reproduction drugs, solvents, alcohol and tobacco fighting disease photosynthesis plant reproduction the carbon and nitogen cycles classification variation and selective breeding inheritance and genetics food chains and webs adaptation and competition

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Name the similarity between a plant and animal cell?
    • A. 

      Cell wall

    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


  • 2. 
    The cell membrane controls what passes in and out of the cell
    • A. 


    • B. 


  • 3. 
    The cell wall.....
    • A. 

      Extra strenth and support

    • B. 


    • C. 

      Keeps everything inside

    • D. 

      Keeps everything safe