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This quiz is stupid but trust me u will be satisfied

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Would you rather eat worms or caterpillars
    • A. 

      I would rather eat worms perferably fried

    • B. 

      Caterpillars they will brush my tounge

  • 2. 
    Would you rather be sponge bob or patrick
    • A. 

      Spongebob is funner and more famous

    • B. 

      Patrick he is stupid but he can get away with it

  • 3. 
    Cat or dog
    • A. 

      Cats are cuddly and sweet

    • B. 

      Dogs are fun to play with

  • 4. 
    juice or water
    • A. 

      Juice is fun and flavorful

    • B. 

      Water is healthy with no sugar to rot out the teeth i allready havent