IVend Retail - Implementation Certification Phase II

80 Questions
120 Minutes
iVend Retail - Implementation Certification Phase II

  • The iVend Implementation Certification Phase II test comprises of 80 questions.
  • The certification takes the form of a prospective client's RFI - The company is ACME Retail. This Request For Information (RFI) is a standard business process that has the purpose of collecting written information about the capabilities of the CitiXsys iVend Retail suite that will meet ACME Retail's detailed requirements for their retail business.
  • It is your role in this examination to review the RFI and answer to the best of your knowledge as to whether the features and functions requested by ACME Retail can be met by iVend's Retail suite of software solutions and services.
  • The RFI main topics cover:
    • Sales (Incl.: Store requirements, Loyalty, Mobility, Online solutions and Passes)
    • Inventory (Incl.: Business Transactions)
    • Financials
    • Administration (Incl.: Implementation and Configuration)
    • Reporting
  • The questions consist of the types:
    • Essay, which will require your written answers or for you to fill in the blanks
    • Multiple Choice
    • True or False   
  • The maximum time allowed to complete the test is Two (2) hours.
  • Read all questions carefully - your answers need to be strictly relevant to the requirement
  • The minimum pass percentage for the test is 70%
  • Pass grade levels are:
               70 - 79 Pass - Grade C
               80 - 89 Distinction - Grade B
               90 - 100 High Distinction - Grade A
  • Grades D and F signify a Fail. If you receive one of these grades then we recommend you perform further study before attempting this certification exam again.
  • You will receive an initial score and grade at completion of the exam, however the final test score and grade will be sent to you within one (1) month of completing the examination by the online submission. Your final results are subject to review of the essay type questions.
  • There is a maximum limit of five (5) attempts allowed per candidate for this certification exam.

Important Note:

  • A valid email address must be submitted otherwise the certification examination will be voided.
  • For any queries regarding certification, please contact [email protected]



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