IVend Retail - Developer Certification

50 Questions
90 Minutes
iVend Retail - Developer Certification

  • The iVend Developer Certification test comprises 50 questions.
  • The main focus of this exam is on the advanced features found in iVend, covering Extensibility, APIs, Report Designer, Dashboard Designer and Receipt Designer. Each question is clearly labelled by these topic headings.
  • The questions consist of the types, Multiple Choice and True/False.   
  • The maximum time allowed to complete the test is 90 minutes.
  • Read all questions and the answer options carefully
  • The minimum pass percentage required for the test is 70%
  • Pass grade levels are:
               C - 70 - 79 Pass Credit
               B - 80 - 89 Distinction Silver
               A - 90 - 100 High Distinction Gold
  • The test result will be displayed on the screen after the final answers are submitted.
  • The first few attempts are free. We reserve the right to charge for multiple unsolicited attempts.
  • There is a limit of five (5) attempts allowed within any given calendar month. Subsequent attempts will not be scored.

Important Notes:
  • A valid email address must be submitted otherwise the certification examination will be voided.
  • For any queries regarding certification, please contact [email protected].



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