Is Your Man Satisfied?

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How can you be so sure that your man is happy with you? Is it the little things you do that drive him crazy for you? Or are you just caught up? ? Find out by taking this 100% fool proof quiz!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You and your boyfriend just had your 3 month anniversary! He tells you he has a surprise for you and pulls out a baseball card from the 50's, you...
    • A. 

      Ask about the importance of the card, accept it and tell him how much you love the gift!

    • B. 

      Look at the card like hes retarded and laugh about how UN-romantic he is!

    • C. 

      Say "Thanks, but my grandpa has a bajillion of those old things in the attic."

  • 2. 
    Your boyfriends birthday is coming up and he tells you that he just wants to sit around and watch baseball with the guys all that day, you...
    • A. 

      Completely agree and give him an early birthday kiss for good luck!

    • B. 

      Disagree with the plans hes made and show him the cute little invitations you and his mother have made for his party

    • C. 

      Tell him how unfair it is that he doesnt want you around and start an arguement until you win

  • 3. 
    You and your boyfriend are about to have a big dinner with both of your parents at a fancy restraunt. When your parents walk up to introduce themselves, you...
    • A. 

      Say, "this is him", sit and pretend it never happened. quick and painless.

    • B. 

      Say, "This is ..., im so happy you guys are finally meeting!"

    • C. 

      Say, "hi mom, hi dad. this is ..., im sure you have alot of questions for him so go ahead and get that part over with.."