Ind Study: SAP Re-qualification Exam

Ind Study: SAP Re-qualification Exam

32 Questions


1.)  Purchase and read the Substance Abuse Professional’s (SAP) U.S. DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Regulation Re-qualification Independent Study Course by submitting this order form or calling the NAADAC National Office at 703.741.7686.  This CE examination is intended to be completed only after reading the manual included with this course.  The questions on this exam are taken from the full text of this manual only.  Note: By completing this exam, you are attesting that you have received this education.  

2.) This exam is locked.  Obtain the password to this exam from NAADAC after purchase is processed.  The password and link to this exam will be mailed to you along with the rest of your order.  Note: Do not share this link or password to this product to anyone.  Doing so is an ethical violation, and NAADAC will pursue offenders.    

3.) Complete the contact information below and click "Start."  Note: Type your name as you wish for it to appear on your certificate.  Please, no special characters or periods.  

4.) Proceed to answer each question of the online CE Exam and pass this CE Examination.  A grade of 75% or above will earn you a Certificate of Completion for twelve nationally certified continuing education hours (12 CEs) and qualify you to provide SAP services.       

5.) CE Exam results will be issued automatically and will reveal if you passed or failed the examination (you can try again).  Your continuing education (CE) certificate will be emailed to you within a few minutes.  Note: Be sure to check your "Junk" or "Spam" mailbox if it does not arrive.

6.) Within 30 days of passing this examination, NAADAC will mail you a new SAP Qualification certificate to display on your wall and prove you are qualified to provide SAP services for 3 years.

Questions? Contact NAADAC at [email protected] or 703.741.7686. 

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