Improve Your Analytical Ability With This Quiz!

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Improve Your Analytical Ability With This Quiz! - Quiz

To improve your analytical ability

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    Plant XYZ is having 5 production lines. Each line is having 45 m/cs having the productivity for shirts as 800 pcs/day. If the plant is taking  40,000 pcs order, how many days it will take ( Production) to complete the order ?
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    If the same plant is taking the two lines for pants with 900 pcs/day as production how many days require for the production for 45,000 pcs order for pants ?
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    Plant A- 45 % efficiency. The organization has planned for the order with full capacity as 1400 pcs/day. How many days it will take to produce an order of 9450 pcs
  • 4. 
    Pls answer following questios !! Plant x has finalized the consumption of 18 yds/dzn. find out the total fabric requirement in yds for 10,000 pcs
  • 5. 
    Total qty shipped from the plant x is 9000 pcs and Rejection rate produced by the plant is 8%. what is the total qty of the fabric ordered for the consumption rate 1 yd/pc ?
  • 6. 
    If the plant is operating at the level of 45 % gives the output of 1000 pcs, what would be the efficiency level if it gives 1500 pcs ?
  • 7. 
    Plant Name  No of Lines Prd/line Average efficiency Plant A  Shirt  4 1500 60 Pant  4 600 75 Plant B  Shirt  5 1600 60 Pants 6 800 65 Plant C  Pants  5 700 45 Kids pant 5 1000 451.Style # AB (Pants). The qty  is 10,000 pcs and the Approval of trims and everything is ready3. Fabric trims will come on 15/Feb for the production to start.I need the best possible delivery from the organiztation. Can u pls give us the best possible rough production plan for that?
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