How strong are you at the critical skill of Capturing?
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If you can't view the video above, here is a short summary:

Capturing involves the intake of time demands* into your life, and they exist in two forms:  those that come into your life automatically, without your choosing, (like snail-mail, or voice-mail messages,) and those that you must manually capture once they are created (like a good idea that you woke up with in the morning.)  As they come in, they are saved for later use in capture points* of all kinds.

This quiz gives you some insight into the habits that you currently have in place for Capturing, and how you can improve them if you'd like.  At the end, you'll know whether or not you have a White, Yellow or Orange Belt in this skill.

Tip: Answer conservatively, so that you can illuminate the maximum opportunities for improvement.

*Definitions: "time demands" are all the things that you decide to do in life (or consider doing) that take up valuable minutes, hours and days. 
"Capture points" are temporary points of storage for time demands, where they are kept until they're ready for later use.

These definitions aren't essential for the quiz, but they'll make more sense when you have viewing your assessment at the end.

Enjoy the quiz!


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