How Far Would You Have To Drill To Get Geothermal Energy?

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Find out how far you would have to drill to get geothermal energy. Information from Our Choice by Al GoreNOTE: does not include non-continental states (e. G. Hawaii and Alaska)

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What state area do you live in (read all possible answers before choosing)?
    • A. 

      Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusettes

    • B. 

      Vermont/Upper New York

    • C. 

      Connecticut/Rhode Island

    • D. 

      Maryland/New Jersey/Deleware

    • E. 

      Western Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Virginia/South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia/all other parts of Florida

    • F. 


    • G. 

      Iowa/Misouri/Illinios border

    • H. 

      Northeast corner of Minnesota

    • I. 

      East South Dakota/North Dakota, Iowa/Misouri/Middle of Arkansas

    • J. 

      South Louisiana/Mississippi/Texas/All other parts of Arkansas/panhandle of Florida

    • K. 

      Western New Mexico

    • L. 

      Arizona/Southern California/Utah/all other parts of Colorado/Idaho/Montana/Eastern Washington/Eastern Oregon/Kansas/Oklahoma/Nebraska/Wyoming

    • M. 

      Middle of Colorado

    • N. 

      Western Oregon/Washington, middle of California, southern tip of Florida

    • O. 

      All other parts of Oregon/Washington/California