The Haunted Zeta-night

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The Haunted Zeta-night

Twas a dark and scary night, and you were really wishing you'd brought along a flashlight. The black and silver vortailer had said to meet you there to go tricker-treating, she knew all the best houses to hit. Where could Zefirah be? That silly little snake could be a trickster, but she was usually pretty honest. She managed all the archives on Zetalia, so she had to be. Hoping that she'd show up soon, you put on your costume (a bedsheet ghost, you figured if your pillow case got too full of candy, you could just pull it off and use that instead) and look around. She's nowhere in sight. With a sigh, you start to head home. Wait, what was that noise? You flip around trying to pinpoint it, but can't see anything. There it was again! Did those shadows just move? Ack! You start running

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    While you're running, answer this question! Wulf isn't a witch, he's a...
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    One question down, many terrors to go! Now you're being chased by a Dactyl on a broomstick, how ridiculous! Hurry on ahead to the next question!During Halloween 2005, many witches were roaming around Sentrion! How many were there, not including Wulf?
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    Phewf! You managed to shake off the flying Dactyl, but you see deceased Ryhper hands popping out of the soil all around you! Hasty, to the next question! Which witch recieved a hat that was a different color than the rest?
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    You stomp on the zombie hands rising out of the ground, and run into a heavily wooded area. You think you're safe, untill you start seeing hundreds of glowing lights in the distance. Which one to follow?? Quickly, to the next question!This special little friend was a constant during the Halloween graveyard in 2006. You could only receive one of him, and as long as you chose the right place on the map you received him instead of a different randomly generated halloween item. What critter was he?
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    You realize that all the lights belong to ghostly Arlits, and keep going straight without meandering on the path. Keep it up, or the zombie Rah will catch you! You didn't notice him before? Eek! What was the first year that Halloween was officially celebrated on Zetapets with items released?
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    Dodging out of the trees, you can't see the zombie Rah anymore. Phewph! This night keeps getting stranger and stranger. You decide to at least get some candy and you start walking towards a lonely house on a hill. Harmless enough, they even have the porchlight on. Beside the house is a small graveyard... How many gravestones were there in the graveyard in Halloween 2006?
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    I hope you weren't scared counting the gravestones, because they're perfectly harmless. Finally your night is starting to calm down. You're getting pretty tired from all the running and decide to sit down on an old tire swing hanging from a gnarled tree. RAWR! A black swifte caws at you from the tree and dives down, chasing you. So much for peace and quiet! Run to the house, maybe they can help! Wandering into the kitchen, you see a strange pot sitting on the stove.How many ingredients are in the Kooky Kauldron?
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    Try not to think too hard about those ingredients. You knock rapidly on the door, and like a bad horror movie, it opens on it's own. You scrambled inside and close the door behind you and here a large SLAM as the swifte hits the other side. You decide to start looking around. You find a cookbook, but a word has been rubbed out. What is it?... add a bit of Toes of Wulf and Eye of ____?
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    You grab a piece of charcoal, and scrawl the word in at the end of the unfinished sentence. You step back to admire your handywork and notice there's something else in the book. Looking closer, you see two faintly glowing red eyes. You slam the book closed, but not before seeing a maniacly grinning Dejaroo! Ahhhhh!! Run! You upstairs and see a mask on a stand in a deserted hallway. It looks like you could wear it to play hockey. What former staff member might have worn this mask?
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    You smartly leave it alone, and decide to rummage through the drawers to a desk that seemed to have once held mail. In one of the deep drawers you find a parcel and decide to unwrap it. It is adressed to Kazejin Deatile, but it seems to have been from years ago. How many Skelly Bones are there?
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    Not wanting to tamper with the green package more than you already have, you place it back in the drawer. But wait, what was that scratching noise behind you? I thought the house was deserted... Forget the bogeyman! There's a much scarier creature lurking around! Definitely not the household dog, what monster must it be?
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    You start to edge you way out of the room when suddenly a giant furred and fanged creature leaps at through the door way! You duck and then head for the window. There's no way you're staying in there! While the wolf-monster is stunned for the moment from smashing against the wall, you scramble down the drainpipe and decide to start running towards whre you an Zefirah were supposed to meet originally. On your way there, you finally meet someone who might be able to help.. but oh no! she's a nurse Actaeon, it appears, but she's not alive anymore! What kind of clothes is she wearing? _____ clothes.
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    Throwing your dirty, muddy, ripped and downright nasty bedsheet over the ghastly nurse, you run with one last burst of adrenaline. Safety, soon, so soon! You're spurred on by two different musical scores, both portraying nasty surprises just around the corner. This music must be those haunting _______.