Guten Tag - Audio Quiz - Easier Words

16 Questions

Listen to the audio and type in the missing word for each question. You can listen to the audio as often as you like and read along. 

•If you are unable to type ß, you may use ss
•If you are unable to type an umlaut, you may type the ordinary letter with an e after it. For instance, zwölf would be typed zwoelf. This is acceptable usage.


die Schule - school
der Freund - friend
die Freundin - friend (feminine)
der Vater - father
die Mutter - mother
der Bruder - brother
die Schwester - sister
die Großmutter - grandmother
die Schulfächer (plural) - school subjects
die Hausaufgaben (plural)  - homework 
die Bücher (plural) - books 
der Spaß - fun
die Person - person

bekommen - to get
vermissen - to miss (a person)
lesen - to read
kommen - to come
sprechen - to speak
heißen - to be called
lieben - to love
haben - to have
sein - to be

nett - nice
lustig - funny, amusing
groß - large, tall
nervig - annoying
streng - strict

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