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  • 1. 
    All businesses that produce a certain product; the automobile industry; the beer industry.... 
  • 2. 
    To have none
  • 3. 
    All kinds of dirt, decay, germs, and shit everywhere.
  • 4. 
    To steal things from homes and stores and museums, etc.
  • 5. 
    Almostalmost entirelyalmost completely
  • 6. 
    The union of fifteen.... 
  • 7. 
    To invent
  • 8. 
    Glisha part of a larger area of land divided up so that it will be easier to control.
  • 9. 
    Organized so that everyone votes on important decisions
  • 10. 
    Organized so that the government makes all important decisions and controls all businesses. 
  • 11. 
    To divide a country into two independent countries.
  • 12. 
    Complicated knowledge of science and industry.
  • 13. 
    To be successful and to be become rich. 
  • 14. 
    To take apart; divide (machinery or factories) into smaller partsto unbuild a machine or a factory.
  • 15. 
    To take something and start to control it.
  • 16. 
    Salerythe money that you earn for working
  • 17. 
    The situation in which you live and work
  • 18. 
    To run away; escape 
  • 19. 
    Everything that helps to protect a place(guards, alarms,  Weapons, barbed wire, attack dogs)
  • 20. 
    The border of a countrythe border between two contries
  • 21. 
    Belonging to mea small explode underground bomb that explodes when someone steps on it.
  • 22. 
    Wire with sharp points or razor blades that prevent people from passing.
  • 23. 
    A place where a guard checks people when they cross from one country to another.
  • 24. 
    Almost panicked and willing to take any risk
  • 25. 
    Communication and cooperation
  • 26. 
    The average amount of money comfort food and goods that all the people in a country have.
  • 27. 
    Not as good as it should be worse than something else
  • 28. 
    Large heavy and difficult to control
  • 29. 
    To stop
  • 30. 
    The alphabet that former soviets, russians serbians......
  • 31. 
    The alphabet that north americans, south americans british and western europeans write with....