D.L. Santos Academic Progress Feedback

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Report for D. L.

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    QUESTION 1 (Absences and Follow Up)(A) How many classes did I miss in the last two weeks?   E.g, none, 1, 2, 3+.      (B) When I got back, did I ask about announcements I missed (e.g., new assignments, quizzes, schedule changes)? (C) When I got back, did I turn in all work which came due during my absence and on the day I returned?
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    QUESTION 2 (Late and Missing Assignments)(A) Am I missing any assignments at this time?(B) Have I turned in any assignments late in the last two weeks?
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    QUESTION 3 (Class Participation)How has my class participation been in the last two weeks? E.g,, excellent, good, fair, poor, N/A
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    QUESTION 4 (Academic Progress) Have my class grades been improving, declining or staying steady in the last two weeks?