FCE Examination - First Certificate.
20 Questions
First Certificate in English (FCE)
Reading test | Use of English test | Listening test| Writing test
| Writing test 2 |;-


Difficulty level: B2 /upper intermediate
The First Certificate in English is the most important of the Cambridge exams.-

Who is it for?
Pass this test and everybody knows you have an acceptable level of English. You can operate effectively in a business or social context.-

What is the FCE test like?
The test has five sections:

  1. Reading - 75 minutes-!New;-  
  2. Writing - 2 essays, 90 minutes -
  3. Use of English - 90 minutes -
  4. Listening - 40 minutes - 
  5. Speaking - interview, normally with another candidate, 15 minutes.
Here, in this Test you'll find only Reading (40 min.), Writing (1 essay/ 40 min.) and Use of English(60 min.).-
A, B, C (pass), D, E or U (fail)
FCE A grade pass is accepted for entry to some universities.
Upper intermediate.
Where do I take the test?
At a test centre.
When can I take the test?
Arrange with your closest center. The test can only be taken twice a year, in June and December.-
Level 5 - FCE Exam/ Test your Knowledge and Skills;
Instructor: Ms Muriel SAADE.-

                                 Good Luck!