Famous Quotes: Spot the Magic

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Take a look at what makes great quotes tick.  Immortal expressions use a combination of tricks to make words go viral. They're all based on "memory keepers": parts of the human brain that store memories by sound, pictures, or associations (relating one thing with another).  In my new book, I call this collection of memory keepers--Sounds, Pictures, and Associations--the "SPA treatment."  How good are you at spotting them? 

Hint: If a quote isn't literally true, it's probably some sort of trope--words that associate someone or something with something else. For example, a metaphor is a trope; it makes one thing stand for something else. ("The moon is a balloon.")

Want to make your own lasting quotes?  My book, Word Hero, shows 43 tools that make your words stick in people's heads.


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