Family Traits 1

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Family Traits 1

Instruction: Choose the best answer for each question. (Image source: http:/openclipart. Org)

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    In humans, free earlobes (F) is dominant over attached earlobes (f). A person with the genotype FF (homozygous dominant) has free earlobes, while a person with the genotype ff (homozygous recessive) has attached earlobes.   What is the phenotype (physical trait) of an individual with the heterozygous genotype Ff?
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    In humans, widow’s peak (W) is dominant over straight hairline (w). (Image source: http:/ A heterozygous man (Ww) for this trait marries a woman who is also heterozygous (Ww). What are their chances (in %) of having a baby with a straight hairline (ww)?
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    In dogs, normal hearing (D) is dominant to deafness (d). Hereditary deafness is caused by a recessive gene, d. An owner has a female dog which can hear, but the owner is not certain whether the dog’s genotype is homozygous DD or heterozygous Dd.   The owner mated his dog with a male deaf dog. This resulted to 3 puppies with normal hearing and 1 deaf puppy.   What is the genotype of the female dog?
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    In humans, cleft chin is dominant to no cleft chin. (Image source: http:/ The pedigree chart below shows Lucy's family. Determine Gradfather 2's phenotype
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    In pea plants, yellow seeds (Y) are dominant to green seeds (y). (Image source: Free clipart by Martin) You have a pea plant with the heterozygous genotype (Yy). You want to produce pea plants with green seeds by breeding your pea plant with another one. What should be the genotype of other pea plant to produce the highest probability of having pea plants with green seeds?