EOC Prep 7
20 Questions

Hi everyone, this quiz is different.  There are 20 questions. It contains the regular stuff plus a number of videos.  Not only that, but I provided feedback for just about all the questions.  The feedback explains the answers.  This is a great review.  Take your time.  As for how much it counts, one of two things are going to happen:
1) everyone gives a good effort and this grade will replace the lowest project or unit test grade.
2) if people finish this 20 question test plus videos too quickly and there appears to be a lack of effort, then it will count as a project grade.
This is a great review!  Take advantage of it:-)

1st period, remember, take your time on the test Tuesday.  If it is a a DBQ style question, the answer will be contained within the question.  Just about every question will contain 2 to 3 ridiculous questions.  Stay calm, think through them.  

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