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Documents For Neolithic Revolution

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                                                                   From Food Gathering To Food Producing . . . Paleolithic men could not control their food supply. So long as they relied on foraging, hunting, fishing, and trapping, they were dependent on the natural food supply in a given area to keep from starving. But while Paleolithic men continued their food-gathering pattern of existence in Europe, Africa, and Australia, groups of people in the Near East began to cultivate edible plants and to breed animals. Often described as the “first economic revolution” in the history of man, this momentous change from a food-gathering to a food-producing economy initiated the Neolithic Age. Paleolithic man was a hunter; Neolithic man became a farmer and herdsman. . . .                                        Source: T. Walter Wallbank, et al., Civilization: Past and Present, Scott, Foresman and Company 1.  According to the authors of this passage, what is one significant change that occurred between the      Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic Age?
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    Based on this comic, state two effects of the Neolithic Revolution.
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                                                                               Mesopotamia: Everyday Life                                                         Caste Frieze from Temple of Ninhursag, Tell Ubaid Source: The Visual Dictionary of Ancient Civilizations, Dorling Kindersley (adapted) B.                                                Clay Tablet with Pictographic Record of Daily Life Source: The Visual Dictionary of Ancient Civilizations, Dorling Kindersley (adapted) Based on these images, state one advance that occurred as the Mesopotamian culture developed a stable food supply.