Differences Between Men's And Women's Talk

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Many scholars use culture to interpret why there are different speech behaviors between men and women. Based on the researches on sociology and psychology, they propose that the differences between men’s and women’s speech behaviors are caused by their respective communication subcultures. During the process of growing, in most of the time, boys and girls only communicate with their respective genders, but seldom communicate with out-group members. Boys usually have more friends than girls, while the friendships between girls’ are more stable. Boys’ game. are of competitive and many participants from various ages. So the hierarchy in boys group is emphasized. Their language is aggressive, debatable and ordered in order to gain the control place in the game. On the c

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    The most suitable title for the above passage is....................
    • A. 

      How Men and Women speak

    • B. 

      Reasons behind Gender Differences of Speech

    • C. 

      Changes in Women Speech when in Power

  • 2. 
    The writer of the passage atrtributes gender differences in sppech to .................
    • A. 

      Biological factors

    • B. 

      Economic factors

    • C. 

      Social factors