Computer Applications - Final Exam (January 2013)

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Computer Applications - Final Exam (January 2013) - Quiz

Semester 1 Microsoft Word & Publisher 2007 This is a multiple-choice test. Please use your mouse to click the small round option button preceding the best answer to each question. Then, use the scroll bar on the right side of your screen to scroll down to the next question. Repeat as needed until you have answered all questions.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What is the first screen that appears when you start Publisher? The workspace. The Start screen. Your desktop.  The task pane.
  • 2. 
    After you have opened a saved document where can you find the name of the document?   Quick Access Bar   Button   Title Bar   Status Bar
  • 3. 
    What is the name of the small tool bar at the top that can show the save disk?   Quick Access   Find Me   My Documents   Title Bar
  • 4. 
    How many scroll bars can be visible on the text area if your document is over 100%?   Two   Three   Four   One
  • 5. 
    Which ribbon shows what fonts are available for use?   View   Reference   Page Layout   Home
  • 6. 
    Which button is used to save our documents? Home Button Microsoft Office Button Insert Button
  • 7. 
    Which tabs on the Ribbon is used to find in the document?   Home Tab Insert Tab Review Tab
  • 8. 
     Which Tabs on the Ribbon you find the Zoom?   Tools Tab View Tab Page Layout
  • 9. 
      Which tabs on the Ribbon do we use to change our font size?       Home Tab   Format Tab   Font Tab
  • 10. 
    What is Microsoft Word 2007? It is a typing tool It is a calculating tool It is a computerized tool    
  • 11. 
    Which tabs on the Ribbon do we use to cut and paste?   Home Tab Tools Tab Edit Tab    
  • 12. 
     Choose the best definition of a Mail Merge.   Combining your company's mailroom with email technology. The process of merging two documents into new documents. A process of bulk printing addressed envelopes.    
  • 13. 
     In a Mail Merge operation, which of the following might represent the main document?   A Sales Brochure. A Form Letter. A Database of Names and Addresses.    
  • 14. 
     The ____________ indents only the first line in a paragraph.   First Line Indent. Hanging Indent. Left Indent.    
  • 15. 
     A _________ is a popular design element used to begin in a newsletter, magazine or other publication.   Drop Cap. Alignment. First Line Indent.      
  • 16. 
      The simplest way to rearrange text in your document is to ____________.   Cutting, copying and pasting. Drag and drop. Type and Replace.
  • 17. 
     Keyboard shortcut for CUT command is ___________.   Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Y Ctrl + X    
  • 18. 
      You left your glasses at home and you need to update a Word Document. What will you do?   Ask someone else to update the spreadsheet. Increase the resolution so all the screen elements are larger. Increase the magnification by selecting an appropriate value from the Zoom Command.  
  • 19. 
     Which tabs on the Ribbon use to layout the page of a document?   Home Tab Page Layout Tab Review Tab      
  • 20. 
    Which tab is the picture diagram shows? Home Tab. Insert Tab. Page Layout Tab.
  • 21. 
     You use Insert Tab to put header and footer in a document.   True False    
  • 22. 
     To make the text at the center, click Left Alignment in the Home Tab.   True False    
  • 23. 
     You cannot save your document either in a Hard Drive or in a Flashdrive.   True False  
  • 24. 
     To insert clipart, you need to go to Insert Tab then click ClipArt.   True False  
  • 25. 
    Becareful when you delete text from a document, because after you deleted or choose Cut, the data is gone and you cannot get it back.   True False
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