Comply Online DEMO Self Assessment NEW

Comply Online DEMO Self Assessment NEW

3 Questions

Congratulations – you have successfully completed the online Occupational Health and Safety Representative Educational Training Course.
You are now qualified to continue with the Occupational Health and Safety Legal Compliance Self- Assessment.

Read each question and answer with YES or NO
If your answer to any question is YES move onto the next question.
If you answer to any question is NO then read the recommendation and take action to comply.  Once you meet the requirement you can answer YES.
Move all applicable requirements to a YES status.
Hardcopy the inspection checklist.
Carry out an inspection of the entire premises using the checklist as your guideline once per month.
Take action to rectify all identified unsafe situations and non- conformances.
Review the self- assessment and carry out the inspection at least once every three months
Hardcopy, frame and display the following documents:                                                           
·         Certificate of Training (Rep) – Reception
·         Policy Statement – Reception
·         Department of Labour Accord – Reception
·         Evacuation Instruction – Reception/All Boardrooms
·         Emergency Telephone Numbers – Reception/All Boardrooms
·         Key Persons List -  Reception/All Boardrooms
·         Certificate of Acceptability – Dining Room
·         Certificate of Competency Evaluation – Reception
Keep all assignments in an Occupational Health and Safety Legal Compliance folder


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