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Installer Certification


Installer applicants must receive instruction on installation procedures and successfully complete hands-on training with a Certified Trainer. Hands-on training requires each candidate to install two Clock Springs. This can be accomplished by taking the lead on installing one unit and assisting in the install of the second unit.


After hands-on training please go on-line to our website and take the Installer Certification Exam, link. A minimum score of 80% is required in order to attain your Installer Certification.


Revalidation of your Installer Certification is required annually (any 12 month period) from your last certification. Recertification can be accomplished by going online and retaking the Installer Certification Exam. A 6 month lapse in your certification status requires the initial Hands-on Training Course to be completed in order to maintain your Installer status.


Every 3 years an Installer is required to participate in hands-on training with a Certified Trainer in order to maintain their Installer status.

Clock Spring Installer Test
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Clock Spring Certification Exam for Installers

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