CitiXsys iVend Retail Certification - The Store Manager

45 Questions
60 Minutes
CitiXsys iVend Retail Certification - The Store Manager

  • The iVend Retail Certification Test for Store Managers comprises 45 questions.
  • The questions consist of the type, Multiple Choice and True/False.   
  • Maximum time allowed to complete the test is 60 minutes.
  • Read all questions and the answer options carefully
  • The minimum pass percentage for the test is 70%.
  • The test result will be displayed on the screen after final answers are submitted.
  • There is a limit of three (3) attempts allowed within any given calendar month. Subsequent attempts will not be scored.
  • Important Notes:
  • A valid email address must be submitted otherwise the certification examination will be voided.
  • This exam is only available to registered iVend Service Portal (iSP) customers and is valid for 18 months from the date of certification.


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