(CHES/MCHES Enduring Activity) Incorporating Patient Voice into Meaningful Research: Lessons learned from a Eugene Washington Engagement Award 8/31/18
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This session aims to provide a case example of the development and implementation of a research advisory board; the Bureau of Sages. The session will walk participants through the process of working collaboratively with patients and stakeholders to write a research proposal, implement the project, sustain it, and then build towards translation and dissemination. We will share lessons learned and discuss future directions.

Learning Objectives:
Describe the development and application process for an engagement award.
2. Understand how to incorporate voice of patients and stakeholders into meaningful research.
​3. Discuss lessons learned and opportunities for translation and dissemination of similar programs.
To obtain CHES/MCHES credit, you must complete the evaluation form. This event is approved for 1.5 prescribed credits by AAFP.

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