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Are you available 3 days a week [ Monday thru Friday] to officiate games that begin at 3 pm.You need to be in the gym at 2:45pm If not please do not register as you will not be selected

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for taking the time to register for the Toronto Association of Basketball Officials Education Sessions. At this point the date has not been set for the first session but once it does you will be notified. Just a reminder that the sessions that are run are strictly educational sessions to educate players coaches and anyone interested in better understanding the rules and mechanics of being a basketball official. By taking part in the educational sessions it does not guarantee you the ability to become a basketball official in Toronto. 
Cost for the camp is $100.00. Must be paid at registration. 

One other important factor is that if you are selected to become an official in Toronto you would have to be available three days a week [Monday thru Friday] to officiate games that begin at 3pm. This would mean that you would have to arrive at the gym for 2:45pm. All officials are required to be at the gym ready to officiate 15 minutes before the start time of the game.
I just want to make everything clear for you so that you understand how the process works. If you are not available for the 3pm starts you are still welcome to attend the education sessions but you will not be eligible to be considered to be a member of TABO
Thank you again for taking the time to register for our education sessions and I look forward to hearing from you.
Peter McDonald
Education Officer TABO
[email protected]

How do I become involved with the Toronto Board of Approved Basketball Officials?
Minimum Requirements:
  • Candidates for membership must be a minimum age of 18 years
  • Must be in good physical condition and have a suitable personality to deal with any emotional situations that may occur while officiating a basketball game.
  • Commitment to attend all training sessions
  • Prepared to invest in proper referee equipment
  • Provide own transportation
  • Commitment to accept/carry out assignments as determined by the Assignor.
  • Experience in officiating in general and/or participation in the game of basketball as a player, coach or official is preferred.

    Registration and Development:
  • We may host an officials training clinic in August depending on our needs for new officials.
  • Participation in the clinic does not guarantee you will be accepted to be a TABO member.
  • Each year 60 to 70 candidates participate in the clinic. Out of the 60 candidates we usually add 10 new officials to TABO.
  • Prospective members will undergo compulsory training that will require some weekends and several evenings.
  • A comprehensive schedule combining rules study sessions and practical ‘on the floor’ mechanics training starts in early September
  • Throughout October and November there are selected subject study nights.
  • A written test must be taken in late November. 
  • Only prospective officials who pass the training program will be considered for TABO membership.
  • New members will also be evaluated during TABO sponsored tournaments and periodically during regular games.
  • Failure to progress in learning (or maintaining) the basic officiating skills or in dealing with elements of the game (physical or emotional) could lead to release from TABO
  • Cost for the camp is $100.00. Must be paid at registration. 

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