Back To School #46: State Corn Yield Records

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“Back to School with Ed Usset” is a new feature of Corn & Soybean Digest, in cooperation with Ed Usset and the Center for Farm Financial Management. Ed’s challenging and authentic quiz questions are designed to test your grain marketing knowledge, and will help you learn while having fun! Ed Usset is the author of “Grain Marketing is Simple, It’s Just Not Easy,” and is a grain marketing specialist at the University of Minnesota.

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    The 2010 U.S. corn crop looks very good, but it remains to be seen if we will set a yield record and top 165 bushel per acre for a national average yield. USDA collects reams of information on crop production for the entire country and by state. Today I have a simple “yes” or “no” question: Among the top 10 corn producing states, has any state averaged more than 185 bushels per acre?
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