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Answer all questions in complete sentences. Use details from the book. (Essay Form)-{20 points)

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    1.) Phillip's opinion of reading books drastically differs from Miss Narwin's. She believes that "bringing fine literature to young minds" is her life's calling, but Phillip thinks "classic literature" is stupid and boring. Why do you think there is such a drastic difference in opinions and with whom would agree? Explain why Phillip's attitude might be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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    2.) Coach Jamison says to Phillip, "Sometimes you have to go along to get along". Do you agree with this view? Why or why not? How does this statement apply to Miss Narwin, Dr.Seymour, and Phillip's father?
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    3.)  Dr.Doane refuses to give Miss Narwin money to attend a workshop to help her better teach literature to her students, but approves funds for the band director to attend a marching band conference. What does this say about the school's priorities? What does this say to Miss Narwin about her value as a teacher?