Are You Ready? Quiz
24 Questions
How committed are you really, to taking your fitness to the next level?� You can transform your physique once and for all and break through that plateau using the latest, most effective, scientific techniques available to the intermediate and advanced exerciser IF, you're ready.� Answer these questions as honestly as possible.� Answer as if you believe there is no agenda on the part of a trainer, or other "authority source" attempting to solicit your "business."� In this way, you can be assured that you have the best understanding of how you are really feeling.

A quick note: Self-report questionnaires have advantages and limitations. They are quick and easy to score. On the other hand, people filling them out may portray themselves in a way they want to be perceived, resulting in self-report bias. Not all self-report bias is intentional. People may genuinely have difficulty recognizing and expressing how they feel. Sometimes family members or friends are better at evaluating a loved one's level of functioning than a person evaluating him or herself.� Questionnaires of any sort should never be used as the only assessment tool. Use this one as a catalyst to help you think, ask better questions, and get more acquainted with your feelings. As a thank you for taking the time to take this quiz, you will be receiving a complimentary subscription to my bi-weekly ezine Throwing a Fit, packed with training, fueling, and motivational tips guaranteed to fire you up and lean you out. All you have to do is click on the confirmation link that will be sent to you with *Jinifit* in the subject line.� If you no longer wish to receive Throwing a Fit, you may cancel at anytime simply by clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom section of the ezine.