APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional Certification Exam 2018/19

50 Questions
75 Minutes

APSCo Recruitment Professional Certification status demonstrates a commitment to being a compliance and knowledge centric recruiter, ensuring you are an valuable employee, a sought-after partner for clients as well as a trusted supporter of your candidates. To become certified as an APSCo Recruitment Professional you need to complete this online examination to provide evidence of your understanding of the key legislative principles underpinning quality recruitment practice, business compliance and the upholding of the APSCo Code of Conduct. Successful completion of the examination awards your certification as an APSCo Australia Recruitment Professional.


This exam consists of 50 questions, being a combination of multiple-choice questions, missing words, true/false and matching sentences.
You are required to complete the exam in 75 minutes. The system will shut down at that time. If time permits you will have a chance to review your answers. Just tick the box "Mark for Review" on any answers that you want to review before you submit your exam.
Each question is of equal value.
You must achieve at least 60% overall to successfully complete the exam.
There will be a statement at the end of the exam identifying your total score and whether you have been successful, or not, and what to expect next.
You will receive feedback on each question to help you identify any gaps in your understanding.

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