Anthropology Of Religion Review 2 (The Balinese)

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Anthropology Of Religion Review 2 (The Balinese) - Quiz

The second review quiz. Follows the Bali religion.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    What happened when the Indonesian leader tried to change the date of Eka dassa Rudra from 1979 to 1963?

  • 2. 

    Why does the Eka Dasa Rudra happen?

  • 3. 

    Why do the Balinese people have their teeth filled?

  • 4. 

    What happens at a Bali wedding ceremony?

  • 5. 

    What happens at a Bali funeral ceremony?

  • 6. 

    What does the funeral ceremony express about Bali views of death, reincarnation, and social status?

  • 7. 

    How is Balinese society stratified/what is it based on?

  • 8. 

    What substance sustains the population and defines the religion so much it influneced the name (Agama Tirtha)?

    Wet rice cultivation is a form of agriculture that involves growing rice in flooded fields. In many regions, rice is a staple food that sustains the population, making it an essential part of their diet. Additionally, wet rice cultivation is often deeply intertwined with the local culture and religion. In this case, the influence of wet rice cultivation on the religion is so significant that it even influenced the name "Agama Tirtha." Therefore, wet rice cultivation is the substance that sustains the population and defines the religion in this context.

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  • 9. 

    What is the Balinese belief system of the outerworld of the cosmos mapped to?

  • 10. 

    What is the Bali cosmology composed of? (and what is the religion directed towards)

  • 11. 

    Describe the Bali people's thoughts on karma?

  • 12. 

    In Balinese cosmology, what does the upstream symbolize, downstream? How can this be symbolized by water?

  • 13. 

    What is the main aspect of Balinese cosmology?  Describe it.

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