Quiz: Anatomy Of A Mac

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Quiz: Anatomy Of A Mac

Test your knowledge of the Anatomy of a Mac video available on the Apple website.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    The ______________________________ helps you set up your Internet connection, mail account and basic settings.
  • 2. 
    At the bottom of your Desktop is the ________.
  • 3. 
      The ______________ application allows you to look at jpegs and PDFs.
  • 4. 
    The ______________________ application allows you to take pictures of yourself with the built-in __________________ camera.
  • 5. 
    Use ________________________ to back up and locate old files.
  • 6. 
    A __________ is a folder of commonly-used files that you can access instantly from the Dock.
  • 7. 
    The built-in Stacks on the Dock are:
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


    • D. 


    • E. 


    • F. 


    • G. 


    • H. 


  • 8. 
    The ________________ along the top of the Desktop changes to match the application that you're using.
  • 9. 
    The ____________ menus on the right of the Menu Bar are used to view or change the volume, date and time, the WIFI connection, and your I-Chat status.
  • 10. 
    The ________________ at the left of the Finder window helps you navigate.
  • 11. 
    In Finder you can view items in a folder by which view? icon view, list view, column view, or ____________________ view.
    • A. 

      Icon View

    • B. 

      Column View

    • C. 

      List View

    • D. 

      Cover Flow View

    • E. 

      All of the above

  • 12. 
    When you select a file and tap the spacebar, ____________________ will show you the contents of the file without opening an application.
  • 13. 
    Use __________________ to search for anything on your Mac.
  • 14. 
    A __________________ search will show you all matching files including email messages, dates in iCal and web pages that you visited.
  • 15. 
    Spotlight can do math equations without opening a calculator.
    • A. 


    • B.