High School Environmental Literacy - Air Pollution
10 Questions

The High School Quiz covers air pollutants that have less direct effects than first generation of air pollutants (see the Middle School quiz), but whose widespread and long term impacts are very serious for the health ofthe planet and/or for people. These include carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, ozone depleting chemicals and mercury. The quiz also goes into what goverment can do to reduce air polltution.

Vocabulary words or terms used in the questions that might be unfamiliar are: accelerants (CFCs), Air Quality Index - AQI, ambient (as in ambient air oollution), cap and trade (as in the emissions control mechanism), Carboniferous (as in the geologic era), chlorofluorcarbons - CFCs, coal-fired power plant, economic incentive, emitter (of pollutants), Environmental Protection Agency - EPA, Kyoto Protocol, mercury,mesosphere, methyl mercury, Montreal Protocol, National Ambient Air Quality Standards - NAAQS, Near Road EXposures to Urban Air Pollutants - NEXUS, non-governmental organizations - NGOs, ozone - O3, ozone hole, ppm (as in parts per million), ppt (as in parts per trillion), refrigerants (CFCs), scrubber (as in system that cleans pollutants from smoke stack emissions), stratosphere, Supreme Court, thermosphere, troposphere, World Health Organization 

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