Middle School Environmental Literacy - Air Pollution
10 Questions
Middle School Environmental Literacy - Air Pollution

The Middle School Quiz covers concepts related to the Environmental Protection Agency's six categories of "criteria air pollutants", the first ones identified as needing nationa standards: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide. Students also need to be able to use percentages in calculations

Vocabulary words or terms used in the questions that might be unfamiliar are: acid rain, asthma, bogs, carbon, carbon monoxide - CO, chemistry, condense, criteria air pollutant, explosive, evaporate, environment, Environmental Protection Agency- EPA, fossil fuels, fumes, furnace, idle (as in letting an engine idle), indoor air pollution, IQ, lead (as in the element) leaded gasoline, micrograms/cubic meter, micron, mobile sources, molecule, natural gas, nitrogen dioxide - NO2, obesity, ozone - O3, pH, ppm (as in parts per million), ppb (as in parts per billion), particulate matter - PM2.5 and PM10, phased out, photochemical smog, power plant, propane, sampling, smog, stratosphere, sulfur dioxide - SO2, volatile organic compounds - VOCs 

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