Upper Elementary Environmental Literacy - Air Pollution
10 Questions
Upper Elementary Environmental Literacy - Air Pollution

The Upper Elementary Quiz covers concepts related to the percentages of gases in the air, carbon dioxide - how it gets into plants and the rise in the amount of CO2 in the air, fossil fuels - the different kinds and how they are used - asthma and other breathing problems, air pollution, and the Air Quality Index 

Vocabulary words used in the questions that might be unfamiiar are: accident, agricultural wastes, air conditioned, air quality, argon - Ar, asthma, carbon dioxide - CO2, chronic (as in a disease), coal, downwind, electricity, exhaust (as in car exhaust), factories, fossil fuels, fuel oil, genetic, hazardous, headaches, helium, idling, irritation (as in irritated eyes), joints (as in knees and elbows), landfill gases, millions, natural gas, nitrogen - N2, North America, ocean, oxygen - O2, particles, percentage, plutonium, pollution, power plant, prevailing (as in prevailing winds) sensitive (as in sensitive to air pollution), sniffles, solar power, swamps, tanks (as in gas tank), trigger (as in trigger an asthma attack), upwind, uranium, volcanos, wheezing, wind power 

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