Upper Elementary Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution
10 Questions
Upper Elementary Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution

     This quiz covers concepts related to storm water, littering, runoff from farms and cities, water bodies, ways to evaluate water quality and how a toilet works. 
     Vocabulary terms used in the quiz that might not normally be covered in the upper elementary curriculum are : aquifer, barbed wire, black fly larvae, caddis fly larvae, chemicals, cigarette butts, concrete, curvier, environment, erosion, evaporate, fertilizer, flood, ground water, impervious, landfill, leeches, litter, nitrogen, manure, May fly larvae, metals, midge fly larvae, ocean liners, Pacific garbage patch, permeable, pervious, pet waste, phosphorus, pools (as in streams), recede, rain barrel, rain garden, riffle, riffle beetle, sand, seeps, shallow depression, silt, sludge, spring, storm water runoff, stream bank, surface water, toxic, U-pipe, underground stream, watershed, well (as in a source of water).
     The questions are multiple choice, with four answers for each question. There are 30+ questions total, but you can pick a smaller number of randomly selected questions using the gear icon on this page.

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