Middle School Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution
10 Questions
Middle School Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution

     This quiz covers concepts related to how wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks work, ways to keep fertilizer and animal waste out of streams, how factories handle wastewater, and the nature and effects of endocrine disruptors and acid rain.
Vocabulary terms used in the quiz that might not normally be covered in the middle school curriculum are : acetylcholine receptors, acid, aeration, algae, alkali, aluminum, arctic, atrazine, bisphenol A, carbon dioxide, chlorine, disinfection, drain field, emit, endocrine disruptor, feminization, fertilizer, furrow, granite, grass buffer, herbicide, hydrogen peroxide, ketones, latrine, limestone, lagoon, masculinization, methane, mimic, neutralize, nitrogen, non-point source, organic chemicals, oxidize, pathogenic, pH, pit toilet, precipitation (weather), precipitate (chemical), pre-treat, plowing, point source, scum, sediment, septic tank, septic system, sludge, soil test, steroids, sulfur, UV, watershed.
     The questions are multiple choice, with four answers for each question. There are 30+ questions total, but you can pick a smaller number of randomly selected questions using the gear icon on this page.

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