High School Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution
10 Questions

     This quiz covers concepts related to bioaccumulation of mercury in fish, algal blooms and dead zones, ocean acidification, water quality standards and the legislative and regulatory framework in place to protect water quality. 
     Terms and concepts used in the quiz that might not normally be covered in the high school curriculum  are :1948 Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1972 Clean Water Act, acidification, algal bloom, animal unit, bioaccumulation, CAFO, carbon dioxide, coral reef, dead zone, effluent, estuary, fishery, fluorescent light bulbs, methyl mercury, mercury, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, nitrogen, non-governmental organizations, persistent toxins, phosphorus, pH, point source, potassium, revolving fund, self-paced training module, storm water, technology-based, Toxics Release Inventory, water quality-based, wetlands.
     The questions are multiple choice, with four answers for each question. There are 30+ questions total, but you can pick a smaller number of randomly selected questions using the gear icon on this page. 

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