PfMP Practice Exam - Standalone - Flexible Mode (90 Days)

PfMP Practice Exam - Standalone - Flexible Mode (90 Days)

50 Questions

This is a practice exam that maximizes flexibility by allowing you to select up to 50 questions per attempt. This way, you can practice the questions even if you have only 15 minutes.  To create a more representative experience of the actual exam, make sure you are in a quiet exam with the computer and some blank sheets of paper with pencils.

PMI does not publish the actual passing score. Based on our experiences, we feel that if you consistently pass this examine at 80%, then your chance of passing the actual exam is also at 80%. To be safe, you should strive for 85% or even 90%.

Note: This test bank currently has over 780 questions with all questions (and answers) randomized. Thus, you can likely take this exam many many times and still experience fully new questions.  We regularly add to the test bank with questions with additional questions to help professionals like you with the exam preparation.   Good luck and have fun.

Note: To prevent bots from scanning the exam, the correct answers will not be shown when the test score falls below the 50% threshold.

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