Stories from the Stone Age, including the Natufians

15 Questions

This quiz is partially based on the film we have watched in class, "Stories from the Stone Age". You might find, however, that a few other questions from the deep past have found their way in as well...

Here are some of the words that you will need to be able to type (and spell - ouch!):
  • nomads
  • hunter-gatherers
  • domestication
  • archaeology
  • anthropology

Here are some words that you will encounter:
  • Homo sapiens - scientific name for modern human beings
  • hominid - general name for a human-like being of various species (some extinct)
  • Palaeolithic Period - Old Stone Age --> period of hunter-gathering
  • Neolithic Period - New Stone Age --> period between the start of farming and the first smelting and forging of metal


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