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  • 1. 
    The board shall meet at least how many times in a quarter?
  • 2. 
    A majority of the board shall constitute a ?
  • 3. 
    The address of the board is?
  • 4. 
    Any person desiring to appear before the board at any REGULAR meeting on ANY matter within the jurisdiction of the board shall file with the ADMINISTRATOR a written request in which the NATURE and PURPOSE of appearance within how many days prior to such meeting?
  • 5. 
    The ADMINISTRATOR shall arrange the order of business of all meetings of the board and shall notify all persons who are to appear before such meeting of the place and time of the meeting at least how many days prior to meeting?
  • 6. 
    The ADMINISTRATOR shall keep copies of all proceedings of the board which includes copies of?
  • 7. 
    Before denying any application under the provisions of this chapter and its rules and regulations, or revoking, suspending, or reprimanding any person who is under the jurisdiction of the board shall advise the person of his right to a hearing before the board, providing however, that the board may suspend for a period not exceeding ___days that person when he has been convicted in any jurisdiction of a felony or class A misdeamenor, crime involving act of violence or crime involving moral turpitude.
  • 8. 
    If as a result of its own investigation or as a result of any complaint filed against a person under the jurisdiction of the board, it is determined that there exists sufficient proof that the actions of the person constitutes taking any action, shall provide ____days written notice to the person of his right to a hearing before the board.
  • 9. 
    The order and notice of the hearing shall be served on the person at least ___days prior to the hearing by mailing a copy to his last known address by certified mail or hand delivered.
  • 10. 
    The board may request the issuance of subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of PERTINENT BOOKS, ACCOUNTS, DOCUMENTS, AND RECORDS, by filing a written request with the administrator for the issuance of such subpoenas at least how many days prior to the hearing?
  • 11. 
    A copy of the boards finding of the fact and conclusions of law and order shall be sent to each party of the hearing within ___days after entry of the order.
  • 12. 
    The fee for an ORIGINAL class E license is $
  • 13. 
    The fee for an ORIGINAL class F license is $
  • 14. 
    The fee for an ORIGINAL class G license is $
  • 15. 
    The fee for an RENEWAL class E license is $
  • 16. 
    The fee for an RENEWAL class F license is $
  • 17. 
    The fee for an RENEWAL class G license is $
  • 18. 
    The delinquency fee for Class E license is $
  • 19. 
    The delinquency fee for Class F license is $
  • 20. 
    The delinquency fee for Class G license is $
  • 21. 
    A renewal application may be received by the board at any time within ____days prior to the expiration of the license.
  • 22. 
    Under no circumstances will a renewal license be accepted within ____days prior to renewal of license.
  • 23. 
    A replacement card shall cost $
  • 24. 
    A card that is stolen or lost must be reported within how many days?
  • 25. 
    The registration fee for a alarm agent, tech, monitor, or apprentice is $
  • 26. 
    The transfer fee for an alarm agent, tech, monitor, supervisor is $
  • 27. 
    Each alarm systems company shall maintain a record containing the following relative information to its employees who are required to be registered with the board:
  • 28. 
    Alarm system companies shall maintain the records under rule 2.6 for a period of ___year after the date the employee is terminated.
  • 29. 
    Class F and Class E level 1 have ___days from the effective date of the rule to obtain certification.
  • 30. 
    Class E level 3 have __years to provide proof of certification.
  • 31. 
    If the manager of any alarm company ceases to be the manager, the licensee shall notify the board within ___days
  • 32. 
    The alarm company license shall remain in affect for ___days after notification to the board.
  • 33. 
    If the licensee fails to notify the board within ___days or to qualify a manager within 30 days, penalties apply.
  • 34. 
    All contracts and bid sheets shall contain:
  • 35. 
    An alarm apprentice shall have ___months to provide the board with certification.
  • 36. 
    If an alarm apprentice leaves employment of the original alarm systems company employing him, the alarm apprentice can not be an alarm apprentice for ___years from the date of termination.
  • 37. 
    The licensee or manager shall notify the board with ___days of receipt of notification any employee required to be registered under this chapter.
  • 38. 
    Any individual who sells onsite, performs survey, or responds is a 
  • 39. 
    Any person that installs, services, or repairs that is supervised.
  • 40. 
    Firm, association, or company that deals with alarms
  • 41. 
    Someone that monitors alarms
  • 42. 
    Someone that services and installs
  • 43. 
    The person that has filed with board
  • 44. 
    The board is composed of how many members?
  • 45. 
    Board qualifications of members:
  • 46. 
    Terms of board members is ___years
  • 47. 
  • 48. 
    Class B and C are required to carry $_____ insurance
  • 49. 
    Class E shall carry $_____ insurance
  • 50. 
    Class F shall carry $_____ insurance
  • 51. 
    A registration card expires after __ years
  • 52. 
    Within ___ days the licensee of termination the licensee must return card.
  • 53. 
    A sheriff or chief of police has __ days after the date of notice to object.
  • 54. 
    Fines shall not exceed $
  • 55. 
    The administmay summarily suspend for no more than ___days any registration if shown to affect health, safety, of the public.
  • 56. 
    The board may suspend any registration for ___days
  • 57. 
    An applicant has ___days to appeal decision of rejection.
  • 58. 
    The original copy of determination shall be filed with the board and a copy shall be mailed to the applicant within ___days