Best online teaching software

What is the best online teaching software?

There are several online teaching software that managers and teachers can deploy for remote teaching. They offer useful features including templates for online courses & quizzes, online classrooms, question banks, instant reports, mobile-friendliness, and localization. These features in online teaching software ensure that you implement an online learning & training process rapidly to successfully face any challenge in remote learning such as the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

The current lockdown situation created by the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of having robust remote learning systems in place. According to UNESCO, at least 290.5 million students and youth have been affected but increasingly institutions are trying to implement elearning technologies including the use of online teaching software to improve accessibility so that learning and development continue minus any disruption.

Indeed, it is times like these that test our ability to perform well against the odds. So whether you are a trainer or educator, don't let anything stop you from teaching and assessing your students.

Afterall, learning shouldn't be affected during these difficult times.

To help you choose the right online teaching software, here is a list of 10 best online teaching software for 2022. Take a look:

1. ProProfs Quiz Maker Software

ProProfs quiz maker software

ProProfs Quiz Maker software is one of the top-rated online quiz platforms to make online quizzes. Tagged as the world's simplest online quiz software, it is known for its ease of creating and sharing quizzes.

You may use it as a math quiz creator, a Facebook quiz creator, or a personality quiz creator based on your requirements.

ProProfs is also counted amongst the top 10 quiz sites to take online quizzes as it hosts some of the most popular online quizzes.


✓   100+ Ready-to-Use Templates

100+ professionally built quiz templates - both scored & personality to create quizzes in under five minutes.

✓   Question Bank

A pool of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on different topics. This feature has earned it the tag of the best online quiz maker for teachers.

✓   Automated Grading

ProProfs offers you the ability to pre-assign grades to correct answers. Saves time & effort!

✓   White-Label Quizzes

Give your quizzes the look you want with your logo, background, color schemes, etc.

✓   Completion Certificates

Customize certificates with your company logo and issue them to quiz takers automatically.

✓   Lead Forms

Capture quiz-taker information using lead generation quizzes, including name, mobile number, email, etc. using a customizable lead form.

✓   Smart Integrations

ProProfs Quiz Maker integrates seamlessly with a number of third-party tools, including:

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2. ProProfs LMS

ProProfs virtual classroom software

ProProfs virtual classroom software is the easiest cloud-based application for administering online learning. As a multi-purpose LMS with a virtual classroom, it can be used to deploy various types of eLearning programs making it one of the best online teaching software.

Add admins, enable self-enrollment of learners, share courses, track progress - all from a single executive dashboard. The classroom comes with built-in testing & assessment software such as Quiz Maker and Survey Maker.


✓   Course Builder

Easily create a virtual classroom and build online training courses, tests, and exams to start training or teaching. Use pre-existing material or choose from the ProProfs course library.

✓   User Administration

Administer any number of learners anywhere in the world. Create multiple classrooms, create groups, and assign courses. Leverage multilingual and localization support to teach in different linguistic regions.

✓   Self-Help

Provide a self-help or self-service system within the virtual classroom so that learners can easily find themselves the information they want. Integrate a knowledge base of FAQs, manuals, and help centers.

✓   Reports & Analytics

Get access to delightful learner reports and statistics. View details by individual, group, or course. Use these insights to improve participation, engagement, and course quality continually.

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3. Docebo


One of the online teaching software that is known to provide a wide range of services is Docebo. It is widely used to create training programs across different industries such as healthcare, processing, and manufacturing, consultancy, IT, and technology.

It enables users to create and manage their own training courses, exchange content, and issue certificates to their best performers. This online teaching platform is easily accessible via mobile devices that makes it even more desirable to be used during the COVID-19 lockdown period.


✓   Audit Trail

Monitor your learners' performance and keep track of actions performed inside the LMS over time.

✓   Certifications and Re-training

Create a certification program quickly and easily.

✓   Courses Catalog

Let your users browse and subscribe to courses through your own course catalog.

✓   E-Commerce

Market your online courses to your customers and make money with your courses.

✓   Labels

Create labels for better organization and management of your online courses.

✓   Gamification

Create badges – or awards – that learners can win for achieving things inside the LMS.

✓   Notification

Create automatic rules to notify your users about specific events.

✓   White-labeling

Rebrand your Learning Management System by unlocking white-labeling.

Pricing: Available on request

4. TutorRoom


TutorRoom is yet another amazing online teaching software. It offers a cutting-edge level of online teaching experience with a user-friendly interface.

TutorRoom enables teachers to upload PDFs and monitor tests through the app. They can even use collaborative tools like video chat and messaging.

This tool is highly compatible with smartphones, making it suitable for online teaching and learning.

Through their program called Custom Edtech Software, teachers can also customize the tutoring software to meet the requirements of students with specific needs. Backed by excellent support, the tool has managed to become one of the best online teaching software in the market today.


✓   Virtual Classroom

Enjoy a state-of-the-art virtual classroom with video, messaging, PDF uploads, whiteboard tools, and more.

✓   Scheduling

Easily schedule classes based on a tutor's availability and timezone.

✓   Online courses

Upload your PDFs, PPTs to create online courses for your students.

✓   Online payment

Easily manage students' payment using Paypal and credits.

Pricing: Available on request

5. Versal


Next on the list of top 10 online teaching software, we have Versal, which is a cloud-based LMS. It offers online courses that involve live learning sessions, along with peer-to-peer interactions. It is basically a collaborative authoring tool.

Its simple user-interface offers such as videos, performance assessments, tests, and reports. The courses created using Versal can be easily accessed on computers as well as mobile devices.

This top online teaching software for teachers offers built-in evaluations to make the task of post-learning assessments easier.


✓   Built-in course authoring tools

Quickly create beautiful and engaging courses and share knowledge across your organization.

✓   Drag-and-drop

Add text, images, and videos, plus customize an array of interactive assessments to ensure that concepts stick using over 30+ gadgets.

✓   Collaboration tools

Multi-author collaboration means you don't have to go it alone.

✓   Flexible Delivery

Invite learners to Versal, embed a course directly into a website or blog, or deliver courses via an LMS with LTI or SCORM.

✓   Central Dashboard

Manage courses, set access rules and roles, segment groups, and follow learner progress — all in one place.

Pricing:Starts at $300/month

6. AdaptiveU


Designed to help a large number of teachers and students across the globe, AdaptiveU enables tutors to find and store massive amounts of data that is continuously used by the students.

It connects the tutors and students via interactive video. Tutors can also inspect and monitor the progress of students and assign them tests according to their performance.


✓   Multiple Tracks

Create multiple tracks in the university and share exclusive content with a specific group.

✓   Print Reports

Generate learning reports to track progress and download them print-friendly formats.

✓   Everyday Learning

Learn by watching, hearing & reading. There's something for everyone, every day.

✓   Share Links

Recommend links for everyone to learn or pin links to your queue for personal learning.

✓   Custom URL with Subdomain

Get your own, customizable subdomain URL when you create your online university.

✓   Progress tracker

Track your learners' progress and compare each learners' progress with another.

Pricing: Starts at $2/user/month

7. Mindflash


Mindflash is a little different from other online teaching software. It is mainly concerned with contractors and resellers. And so, it enables instructors to upload video files, PowerPoint, PDFs, word and other forms of documents.

Mindflash is designed to accommodate a wide range of training programs. It lets the instructors monitor their students' progress in real-time with automated scoring.


✓   Online Course Creation

Create and upload engaging & interactive courses to share across your organization.

✓   Online Learning Management

Access training anywhere, at any time with an online LMS.

✓   Quizzes and Assessments

Motivate learners, help them remember, and assess learning outcomes by creating post-learning quizzes and assessments.

✓   Reports and Dashboards

Get real, actionable information to make improvements to your courses and to ensure employees are progressing through the material.

✓   SCORM Compliant

Streamline the learning experience with Mindflash's SCORM compliant LMS.

Pricing: Available on request.

8. Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate

If your plan is to go for a simple and reliable online teaching software, then Blackboard Collaborate is your best option. It's the apt software to meet all your requirements related to online teaching and video conferencing.

Thanks to its robust mechanism, it lets you connect with either one learner or the entire class, whichever you prefer.

Blackboard Collaborate is characterized by its ability to reach out to learners anytime, anywhere. Thus, making it one of the most popular online teaching software.


✓   Learning Management System

Enjoy a state-of-the-art learning management system and online classroom platform for ease of learning & development administration.

✓   Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with several productivity tools like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google, and any other tool of your choice.

✓   Personalized Learning Designer

Provide unique learning experiences based on their performance. Identify learners who are struggling with mastering a specific topic and deploy an automated remedial plan.

✓   Analytics & Data Visualization

Make data-driven L&D decisions. Track and analyze classroom learning with ease.

Pricing: Available on request.

9. eTrainCenter


eTrainCenter literally is the online teaching platform that provides all that you need to connect with your learners in real-time. It lets you engage in synchronized online teaching with audiovisual, online whiteboards, application sharing, breakout rooms, and more.

The built-in instant messaging lets your learners communicate with each other easily. You can even record live classes for quality control or for the purpose of archiving.


✓   Test Chat & Session Notes

Leverage instant messaging or text chat with audio to facilitate communication.

✓   Content Upload

Upload and share documents, PowerPoint slides, web pages, and even your desktop on the fly with remote learners.

✓   Live Video Sessions

Organize live group discussions and team meetings with video conferencing tools that run even on lower bandwidths.

✓   Breakout Sessions & Recordings

Split a class into smaller groups with the help of breakout rooms. Let your learners collaborate and learn individually. Record live sessions and meetings for the purpose of quality control or archiving.

Pricing:Starts at $151/200 registrations/month

10. WizIQ


Last on our list is one of the world's largest, cloud-based virtual classroom software platforms.

WizIQ has won the trust of more than 400,000 educators across the world to deliver different learning experiences worldwide. Seamlessly deliver live lessons by utilizing HTML5 Virtual Classroom based on WebRTC. This tool is suitable for enterprises, teachers, trainers, colleges, universities, and test prep companies.


✓   High-Definition Video Conferencing

Enjoy a high-quality audiovisual system with a 5-way audio-video layout and instinctive speaker recognition on a full-screen conference mode.

✓   Integrated Library

Upload, organize, and store any content in the library hosted on cloud. Let learners access them any time, no matter where they are.

✓   API and Plugins

Easily integrate your website with the live class functionality. Deliver live classes right from your LMS.

✓   Easy Administration

Easily assign and manage learning or training activities for live sessions. Set roles and permissions for attendees and manage classroom sessions with powerful in-class features.

Pricing: Starts at $25/up to 50 participants/month

Ready to Choose?

  • In the end, what makes an online teaching software the best is its ability to provide an easy-to-use platform for delivering instructions. Factors like storage, flexibility, monitoring are other contributors.
  • Also, if the tool is compatible with all the collaborative tools, it's even better. The tools mentioned here have their own specific strengths and can work for you depending on your requirements.
  • So don’t let this coronavirus lockdown or any other remote learning challenges stand in the way of you and your learners. Choose the right software for online teaching today for a reliable knowledge sharing experience.
  • We're here to help if you need us. Give us a call at (855) 776-7763 (Toll Free) and one of our team members will help you zero in on one.
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