It’s fun to create and share online exams with learners anytime, anywhere with ProProfs Quiz Maker. It is a cloud-based tool and doesn’t require any software installation to run.

While Typeform looks like a great investment for those looking to create quick surveys and questionnaires, it is not the only dynamic tool. ProProfs offers tons of easy-to-use features and is a smart alternative to Typeform.

With a neat and clean interface, 100+ settings and configurations, ProProfs Quiz Maker starts at $0 (forever free plan) and offers a no-obligation, 15-day free trial on all the paid plans. Take control of online learning and training like never before with this simple Typeform alternative.

Here’s a feature-wise comparison between

ProProfs Quiz Maker vs Typeform
ProProfs Quiz maker
Typeform Quiz Creator
Starts at $0
Starts at $35
Designed For
Business / Education
Installation & IT Support
Not required
Not required
Quiz Creation
Ready-to-Use Templates
(100+ professionally designed templates)
Question Library
(100,000+ ready-to-use questions)
Easy Quiz Creation
Needs Expertise
Ready-to-Use Quizzes
Question Library
Automated Grading
Instant Feedback
Add Powerpoint, Images, Videos & Docs
Survey Library
(100+ ready-to-use templates)
eCommerce & Sell Quizzes
Design & Experience
Testing & Assessment
Learner Experience
Reporting & Tracking
Coding & Customization Knowledge
Data Security & Permissions
24/7 Support

Why Choose ProProfs Quiz Maker?

  • Easy quiz creation
    Easy Quiz Creation

    Creating an online quiz is simple with ProProfs. 100+ quiz templates, 100,000+ ready-to-use questions, automated grading, and more.

  • White labeling and customization
    White-Labeling & Customization

    Feature your quizzes under your brand name. Add your company logo. Choose from 100+ themes, backgrounds, & fonts and customize.

  • Testing and assessment
    Testing & Assessment

    An online assessment tool to easily create assessments. Shuffle questions and randomize answer options for a unique experience.

  • Learner experience
    Learner Experience

    Give your learners an engaging learning experience by enhancing your quizzes with images, videos, and personalized results.

  • Reports and analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    Track quiz-takers in real-time and obtain learning reports. Analyze quiz results easily. Monitor individual and group progress and generate reports for each learner.

  • Security and permissions
    Security & Permissions

    100+ settings and smart configurations that let you customize your experience with features like security levels, roles & permissions, notifications, and compliance.

5 More Typeform Alternatives For You

1.Survey Anyplace
Survey Anyplace Quiz

Survey Anyplace is a great tool to build online interactive quizzes.

Even though it is one of the lesser-known but more advanced tools out there, it is similar to Typeform and focuses on giving its customers the best user experience.

It aims to be the best option for customer engagement, along with fun interactive elements and personalization features.

The best thing about this tool is that it lets respondents download a personalized PDF at the end of the survey, based on their answers to the questions.

Pricing starts at: $33/month/400 monthly responses
2.Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey Quiz

This tool is primarily used for creating surveys but you can use it as a free online quiz creator software to create different types of quizzes, basic polls, and questionnaires in minutes. Also, the basic version is free to use. This software features hundreds of templates and questions written by ‘survey methodologists’, that are specifically designed to draw the right information out of respondents.

Although you can customize the design and layout of your quizzes and surveys, a common issue is that you can’t fully brand the surveys because the Survey Monkey logo remains.

Pricing starts at: $21.60/month/3 users
Survey gizmo Quiz

SurveyGizmo is a quiz & survey creating tool enriched with amazing features and a user-friendly interface.

One of the best quiz makers in the market, it offers two versions-

For individuals: This version focuses on the ease-of-use

For enterprises: This version focuses on customer research

Pricing starts at: $35/month
Wufoo Quiz

This cloud-based form builder from Survey Monkey is a great tool to create forms, quizzes, and surveys. One of the best online quiz creators in the market, this tool is trusted by Amazon and Disney and has an award-winning interface, easy customization, 400+ templates, & reporting features.

The free version limits the number of responses, but above that, there are a number of price points, so it’s a good option for quickly growing businesses.

Pricing starts at: $14 .08/month/user
Ask nicely

AskNicely is a customer feedback form and survey creator that is built around the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is an advanced marketing tool suitable for medium to large companies who really value customer engagement.

It lets you create a customer-centric culture of continuous feedback in your business. You can automatically collect feedback from every customer at any point in the customer journey on any channel (email, web, SMS) using a flexible short survey format.

Pricing: Available on request

That was the list of Typeform lead quiz alternatives that you can explore and make a wise choice. In case you are still unsure which of these is the best online quiz making software, give us a call at our toll-free number (855) 776-7763 and one of our human support team will make your job easier or request a demo.

What Our Customers Say

  • Brenda Kesler Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!

    Brenda Kesler, Ph.D. Business Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Wendy VanderMuelen The simplicity of the system works well for everyone!

    Wendy VanderMeulen, Administrative Coordinator, Canadian Parking Association

  • Dan LaPasha Training and Testing Made Super Easy ProProfs makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!

    Dan LaPasha, PhD, Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

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