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Enrich Your Training Manuals With Images and Videos

Enhance the interest quotient of your content

Create training manuals

Create attractive and interesting training manuals for your employees using the training manual software provided by ProProfs. Easily include images and videos in your content to make it engaging for readers. Package your manual by choosing from over 600, fonts, themes, and designs, and give it a professional appearance.

  • Add images & videos
  • Give a professional look to your manuals
  • Choose from over 600 fonts and themes

Provide Complete Understanding With Context-Sensitive Help

Delight readers with lightboxes, pop-ups, and tooltips

Delight readers with context sensitive help

Use context-sensitive help provided by ProProfs to build the best training manuals for your employees. Include lightboxes, pop-ups and tooltips to explain concepts and terms that are complex and difficult to understand. Make your training manual self-sufficient so that your employees don’t have to look for information anywhere else.

  • Simplify jargons
  • Provide additional help content
  • Explain difficult concepts

Bring Teams Together to Create and Manage Knowledge

Assign roles & permissions

ProProfs provides some pre-defined roles of administrator, contributor, viewer, and editor, which you can assign to your users to monitor who can view, edit and manage the content of your training manual. Bring your teams together to share and manage knowledge on a single platform. In case of multiple editors, you can track previous changes and revert to an earlier version using revision history.

  • Assign different roles
  • Share and manage content easily
  • Track previous changes with revision history

100+ Settings and Robust Integrations

Get insightful reports

Leverage more than 100 smart settings and powerful integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Zendesk, Wufoo, etc. Get rich insights on the search pattern of your employees, frequently visited pages, most read articles, average time spent on a page, etc. Use this data to bring significant improvements in your content and enhance the performance of your training manual.

  • Get valuable insights
  • Track user behavior
  • Use powerful integrations

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